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We are a new company in Timis ,Romania. We want to offer quality products to our clients. The thermopan windows made of wood have been tried in our home for more than 10 years. Seeing their quality and their efficiency of thermal insulation, we decided to bring all of these in Romania, windows made of wood which are numer 1 in Sweden.

Resisting the swedish climate conditions, the thermopan windows made of wood,aluminum plated inside , aren't just pleasant, but they ensure your house a micro-ventilation which allows your walls to breathe in optimal conditions , even when your windows are closed. They are also plated with aluminum on the exterior , for an extra protection.

Our partners from Sweden are the group of companies named Inwido , there are 11 companies , creating windows since 1924.

We are the only distributor here in Romania.

Inwido's departments of research and development have been chosen to guide the activity of inovation within the group.This activity is coordinated by a group function. But the inovation is the team work. The ideas come from so many points of view. Listen closely the world around us , we analized the trends and we discussed with the researchers. We also are careful with our employees, As an example , our departments of research and developmentare are working side by side with our marketing managers to ensure that the products that we made are at the highest level asked on the selling market.

An example of the way that Inwido includes the world around us in our activity of development is the innovative competition which we created in colaboration with the Swedish scientific park in 2012. Students and researchers were invited to present their thoughts 5 most important areas of development. This way , they brought many excellent ideas . Some of them represent the base of our products which have been launched as a part of our IQ concept.

Another example is the opening of a new office in the Ideon scientific Swedish park from Lund. Inwido also teamed up with accelerator of inovation and bussines with 3 more companies.

The design is another important agent of inovation. We know that the aspect of a product has a major impact on the decision of buying. So, we colaborate closely with the designers and architects. Our SnickarPer brand colaborate with famous designers as Bjorn Dahlstrom and Stina Sandwall. Also , it offers Architect Lab - an opportunity for our houses architects to design the doors , small or big , with professional assistance.

We work with the digital domain experts to develop additional smart products.

We're the owners of Art Andersen Cph design brand , which offers inovative solutions for the aesthetics and the design of buildings.

Our products

Thermopan window , model number 1

Dimension: 1370 x 1360 mm
Thickness: 12mm
Micro ventilation: auxiliary
Interior louver
On the exterior: aluminum

Thermopan window , model number 2

Dimension: 1180 x 1380 mm
Opening system: rotative
Aluminum on the exterior

Thermopan window , model number 3

Dimension: 1370 x 1650 mm and 1650 x 1650 mm
Thickness: 12 mm
Micro ventilation: auxiliary
Interior louver
Aluminum on the exterior

Thermopan door , model number 1

Exterior terrace door
Dimension: 980 x 2080 mm
Colour: anthracite
Anti- wind protection system
Protective opening system for children
On the exterior: aluminum

Thermopan door , model number 2

Aluminum on the exterior

Thermopan door , model number 3

Dimension: 985 x 2180 mm
Anti- wind protection system
Aluminum on the exterior


Made for the room, the pantry and for the garage.

Thermopan window , model number 4

Dimension: 1020 × 1350 mm
Colour: white
Interior louver
Opening system: in 3 points
Safety system for children
Aluminum on the exterior

Thermopan window, model number 5

Dimension: 1780 × 1380 mm
3 canate: Is made by 3 parts which open separately.
Interior louver
Opening system: in 3 points
Safety system for children
Aluminum on the exterior

Thermopan window, model number 6

Dimension: 1210 x 1730 mm
Interior louver
Opening system: in 3 points
Safety system for children
Aluminum on the exterior

Thermopan window, model number 7

Dimension: 1780 x 1380 mm
Bioclean glass: it doesn’t to be washed
Safety system for children
Aluminum on the exterior

Product list


The guarantee of our products is provided in the conditions of our windows installation.

The condensation! When and why does it appear?


On the exterior

When an isolated window is placed in an unprotected position or in a position in which the humidity is low , the condensation may appear. It grows in the nightime and it disappear in the morning. The reason for this is that the panel is getting isolated so well that it doesn't let the warm air on the exterior panel. The result is this : the exterior window is cooler than the nightime air. The higher humidity causes the temporary condensation on the exterior panel of the window. Usually , this form of condenastion happens in the autumn and winter , because of the contrasts between daytime and nightime. In the morning , the panel gets warmer and the condensation evaporates . The condensation on the exterior is not a sign that the window is damaged. Actually it is a sign that the window is very well isolated.

On the interior

The condensation on the interior appears when the warm and wet air is chilled on a surface made by cold glass and it appears as a fog on the window. The reasons can vary from the humidity resulted from the manufacturing to the inadequate ventilation. The arranging devices for the curtain , which are too close to the window, or the window threshold which is too close to the wall can stop the air transport and in that way the condenastion appears.

Nightime airing

Monted on the superiour part of the window.


Product images

Be an expert in windows!

In this section you'll find some important terms which could be useful for the interested ones in renovation or new constructions.


Nemonis Glass

We are passionate and glad to share our knowledge

Mounts and sleepers

Made by wood or aluminum , the mounts and sleepers are used for making an one-framework window look like a three-framework window. They are permanent and they divide the panel.


The measurements are always indicated in width and height (w x h). The dimensions are refering to the measurements of the module. You can always ask a carpenter for help.

Noble gas

Argon and Krypton are used in the units of isolation glass and they improve the value of the U factor. Both of them are extracted from air and they're not dangerous for health. The noble gases isolate better than the air.

The size of the window

Every size of the window are specified by using the dimension of the hole in the wall. The real dimensions of the framework are smaller just to allow the mounting and the adjustments.

Glass insulator

A glass insulator unit is made by 2 or 3 windows with a calculated space between them. The appliance is sealed and there is no ventilation. To guarantee a worth of the U-factor , usually the triple window are recommended. The energy glass has a invisible roll on the interior , which slows down the heat loss.

The worth of U-factor

It is a measurement of the capacity of a window to isolate. The smaller it is , the more isolated is a window. It is measured in all of the used materials in the window, wood and glass together. The glass always has a better U-factor than the wood.

Our work

Glazing tiles

  • The glaze layers are used to adapt the windows style for your house.

Removable glass bars

  • Made of composite materials (aluminum or wood), the removable bars are fixed on the exterior glass of the double-windows or triple-windows.
  • They can be easily removed when you wash them.

Air-conditioning windows

  • The visual divison into a window frame.
  • Air currents are controled by the posibility to open the window.

Permanent panels

  • The permanent glazing bars are mounted on the exterior glass of the window.
  • These separates the exterior panel into smaller panels.

Inner protection bars

  • Made of aluminum , interior window bars are found between the window's layers of glass.
  • They maintain the appearance every single year , they don't get dirty and they don't bother you when you wash the window.

Spacers for panels

  • Between the glass unit's isolating windows we can find the spacers for panels.
  • Their components can improve the U-factor.
  • All the information about the window can be read on them.


Original manufacturers

Founded in: 1924
The selling market: Sweden
The product portofolio:windows , patio doors, roof windows and wood accessory or covered in aluminum timber.
Choosing windows is very important for your house and your experience in it. The light , the sound and the feeling. Elitfonster has been helping the swedish to improve their life quality since 1924.
This brand represents the crafts and the windows made of wood combined with today’s technology , to create the perfect product .
Elitfonster is the choice for people who want to improve their house. They will give you a high-quality product which is also aesthetic and durable.
In this way,Elitfonster is for the people who appreciate the mastery , the design and the energetic efficiency.

Elitfonster Window Magazine

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Founded in: 1994
Selling market: Sweden and Norway
The product portofolio: exterior and interior doors.
Diplomat creates and sells high quality doors for every type of selling market in Sweden and Norway.
Our doors are manufactured in one of the most modern factories in Europe : in Bankeryd, Smaland , Sweden.
The manufacture is completely automated , and the industrial robots make the process of painting and varnishing. Real experts do the final checks , to be sure that everything is perfect.
A Diplomat door is a safe , durable and stylish door.

Founded in: 1995
Selling market:: Sweden
The product portofolio: Windows, patio doors, windows that can not be open, doors, sliding doors or windows, louvers.
It has its headquarters in Vaxjo, Sweden.
Here we create high-quality windows and doors , which combine tradition and north quality with modern design.
Outline offers a wide range of efficient products to satisfy the client’s requirements. Their products fits for every type of house . Because Sweden is the selling market and the company base , we can asure you of the cilmate resistance in our products.
We can deliver personalized solutions for every type of request.


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